Thursday, May 17, 2012

Brigham Young University: A Gun-Free Zone

Brigham Young University: A Gun-Free Zone
Written by: D. Gunnar Renshaw

            I grew up in a gun-free zone myself, which is just the rule of the house my parents had in place. Becoming an adult, I saw the value of having guns and made the personal decision to own a gun, to be properly trained in carrying and shooting guns, and made the choice to conceal carry a gun (having the gun concealed on your person usually underneath clothing or in a bag, a permit is required to do so). Similarly to my parent’s home, Brigham Young University is a no gun zone. Brigham Young University is a privately own institution and reserves the right to make rules/laws concerning the matter of guns on campus. BYU's Firearms and Weapons policy states, "No one person (personnel, students, or visitors) except law enforcement shall be permitted to possess or carry firearms or other weapons, concealed or not concealed, with a permit or without a permit, while upon properties owned by the University." Previously, I agreed with BYU's decision to not allow guns on campus, it was not until recent university tragedies in which my position has changed to believing BYU should allow students and personnel to conceal carry guns if they have the proper permit to do so.
            On April 2, 2012 at Oikos University, a private Christian university similar to BYU, a  former student brought a gun to school for the intention of severely hurting and killing other students. Seven students were shot and killed and three other peoples were injured in this tragic event. The tragic event has scarred students of Oikos from witnessing friends and fellow student’s lives being tragically taken away.
            Another recent incident happened at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007. The Virginia Tech massacre consisted of one student with a gun killing 32 people and severely wounding 17 others. Previously to the Virginia Tech massacre guns were not allowed on campus as an open carry (meaning the gun is visible), or even a concealed carry for those that had permits to do so. In response to this event, student activists across the nation formed a group known as "Students for Concealed Carry on Campus". This group is working with politicians nationwide to allow gun permit holders to conceal carry on university campuses for the purpose of providing oneself personal safety as well as preventing tragedies, similar to those that occurred at Oikos and Viginia Tech. More responsible persons with guns will benefit any community.
            First, It is true that most universities (BYU included) have police officers stationed on campus. Unfortunately, there are too few officers to be in all places at once to confront a potential shooter before he fires and takes a life. The key here is to allow citizens to conceal carry, those who have taken a course and have been trained on the safety and parameters of carrying a concealed firearm. With more responsible persons on BYU's campus with firearms there will be a higher chance that a shooter would be confronted sooner, hopefully before he pulls the trigger. It is interesting to note that large cities that have put in place laws to allow citizens to conceal carry guns have had the effect of lowering crime by 12%. Just as cities that allow its citizens to conceal carry guns has the effect of lowering crime rate, likewise if BYU allows its personnel and students to conceal carry it will lower the chances of a tragedy taking place here on campus.
            Second, Law-abiding citizens (personnel, students and visitors) who conceal carry will disarm themselves before entering a gun-free zone like BYU, unfortunately non-law abiding citizens will not. Therefore, those non-law abiding citizens wishing to commit mass murder are more likely to target gun-free zone like universities (BYU) and churches because they know the population inside is unarmed. Like Oikos University and Virginia Tech, Brigham Young University is currently a sitting duck, which would allow a person with mal intent to commit a horrific act of violence at BYU being met with little to none resistance. Guns are not the problem, people are.
            Lastly, people have agency, therefore people can choose to be good or evil, and guns on the other hand are only a tool. In BYU's Firearm and Weapons policy they state the reason for not allowing guns is because they "are capable of inflicting serious injury....and pose a clear risk to persons and property on the BYU campus." Guns do not "pose a clear risk" but people do, guns are only a tool for good or for evil. Evil people will use this tool against us, it is our responsibility to use our resources and use guns as a tool for good. Guns are a tool that can protect, save and allow people to continue to have their liberties. We, the BYU community, all personnel, students, alumni, etc..., must take the responsibility of making sure our university is a safe place and a place that protects our liberties.
            As faculty and students we can raise awareness of this issue on campus. We can write letter to the student government, the Board of Education, and the Board of Trustees expressing our concerns about the safety of BYU's campus. Brigham Young University is not immune to such a tragic event because it is a religious university or because it is located in "Happy Valley." Oikos University was also a Christian university which taught the highest of standards and values and it became victim to such a tragedy. It is our responsibility to take preventative measures now, instead of regretting consequences of a tragedy later when it is too late. As other universities have done, it would be in BYU's best interest to change their policy on gun control and allow those who have been properly certified to conceal firearms on campus. Concealed firearm permit holders are more than people who protect themselves and their family, they protect the community. This change in policy alone would make Brigham Young University a safer place, as well as more constitutionally sound.
            The second amendment of the constitution of the United States, which we as a BYU and LDS community believe is inspired, boldly claims that the people have the right to "keep and bear arms" and that "shall not be infringed". In light of the Constitution of the Unites States of America, which protects our freedoms, we the people of the Brigham Young University deserve the right to have a safe university, to able to protect our lives, to protect the lives of those on campus, and the right to conceal carry (bear arms).

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A GREAT lesson learned from a NAKED dream!

Background: (Note: This All happened in a dream and should not be taken as a respectable source to judge my immortal soul on. I would also like to apologize for some radical parts of the dream, my UNCONSCIOUS seems to get a little crazy when I am not in control!)

"AHaha!!!.. Ahahah!!!. AHhaha!!!,"('Yoda's Laugh' Ringtone) Annoyingly sounds my alarm at 6:30 am this Morning. I hurredly swich off the alarm and go back to bed because I was excited to get back to this dream. Have you ever had that experience where you wake up in the middle of a great dream? and all you want in this earthly world is to some how jump back in that unconscious world and continue that dream that soemtimes seems like a fairy tale? Some People want to continue dreams because they were dreaming about their perfect dream girl or dream man, others so they can get to the end of the story, yet others just don't want to face the reality of the real day ahead of them. Sadly never do we get that chance to jump back on the that dream wagon. Well today I stand before you a miracle to the world and stand in defiance that it takes a certain amount of time to slip back into that REM sleep to dream.. because for some reason, this morning at 6:30 a.m. I Fell immediately back into my dream as if it was never interrupted. Hold on hear we go into my subconscious mind!

Setting: I supposedly was living in this huge indoor and yet unknown to me apartment complex I have never seen before. After hangoing out with random people I go home to my apartment. Finally the familiar faces show up. A lot of my current and former roommates were all in the room, as if we all lived collectively in this apartment. The room was dark, not unusually wierd for the apartments I have Lived in because we love watching movies(some of my roommates more then others ;) So there they sat all my roommates sitting there on this couch, it was one of those quite large L shaped couches, It had to be large because It had a lot of men on the couch. Aaron, Tyler, Pack Attack, and Shaun were all for sure there.

Meat and Potatoes of the Story: So here we all are, All my comrades and I are squished on this couch, all of the sudden the conversation turns boring, at least to me. So I Get up and leave the room. I had decided to take a shower, so the accompanied actions followed. IN order to take a shower one must be naked... It is a REQUIREMENT! So I strip down to.. well nothing. And all of the sudden a thought comes into my head to go streak around the family room where all the bretheren are still stationed in there. SO my legs start moving, I book it in there running around the couch in the dark, naked,.. yes BUTT NAKED! Hollering and yelling and shimming as I go! As things become awkward.. I look for an exit. I see a door, so I bolt into this room with couches. Two of my Roommates Tyler and Pack come In after me... So I Run for the couch and use pillows for cover. Who knows what they were going to do to me, plus I was extremely vulnerable at the time if you know what I mean. After a little teasing they leave.
So, thinking this is all over get up and start walking out of the room(probably to the shower but you know how dreams go sometimes you have no clue) when suddenly I see a dark hooded figure in the door way! He approaches in the light so I can see his face. A complete stranger! Weird I know, as he approaches I Notice he Has GUN, not just any kind of gun but an air soft gun! HE is running at me shooting me with air-soft BB's. Keep In mind still... I am naked so, I got to do something to take this brother down, and to say the least I am not very happy I am being shot at right about this point. So as he comes closer to me a grab his neck with a grip of death and thrust his head down on this coffee table. I told him to apologize to me, he replies "no man I will never apologize to you." Is it just me or does everyone say this at first? So my grip on his neck gets harder, and more seriously and with a lot more power in my voice I now sternly command him to apologize, and of course he does. So I let him go, and asked him what his problem was?

(Ok After this Long crazy story here comes the moral of it.) He then begins to say, "I have one reason why I don't like you." I said "OK fair enough, what is it?" One day we were over at this house playing a game and everyone was discussing options or directions in which the game should go, and you made everyone do what YOU wanted to do!"
At this point I was taken Back, I remembered very clearly what had happened that day, everyone was sitting around, no one was voicing any opinions and something needed to happen so I took charge. My heart sunk for this young man, He had been holding in all this anger since for something that was so small and insignificant, but somehow it seemed so significant to him. I then said to this young man, "Is it really worth it to you to hold in this anger? IS it really worth it to Let your Pride destroy you inside like that? If you wanted to say something to me speak up and say it then. Communication could have solved this whole problem a long time ago. Here I am not effected by what happened that day, never knowing it effected you, and here you are in shambles, and it has torn you up for this whole time." At this Point I notice other people are walking into the room, Boys and girls which is weird because I guess My unconscious forgot I was naked because that is a taboo to be standing having a gospel discussion with someone while you are in the BUFF with onlookers, especially female onlookers right? That is what I thought!)
Then these words graced my lips, "My dear boy, we often focus on trying to overcome our sins in this world, but much harder then trying to overcome these sins is trying to overcome the feelings that you have, Trying to overcome feeling of jealousy, injustice, anger, hatred, and envy. They can poison our very souls, and turn us into animals that we really are not. These feelings will transform good people into creatures that will do the vilest of things. The root to all of these is the father of all sins, PRIDE. Do not allow yourself to be offended at what others do, say, or think. You can not control what they do, but you sure can control what you do, say, and think. It is not worth it, it is not worth loosing your soul. . ." This young man looked up at me, and apologized. We embrace, and I walk out of the room... Who would have known that streaking would have led to that!

Thoughts and Feelings: This morning when I finally did wake up, I actually made my destination to that Hot shower finally. (It was a journey to get there, after dodging bullets and fighting with an angry man) As I stood in that shower my mind could not stop thinking about that message! 1.) How huge conflicts that will happen in the future could be solved by better communication today. 2.) How stupid we as humans can be, that we let little things or even big things get in the way of what matters more. There have been many people in this world who have been divorced, ruined other family relationships between parents, siblings, and children, or have left the church, and or most important those who have cut themselves off from the presence of God and Jesus and have forfeited there birthright. I don't know why I dreamed this, but I know it will forever impact my life as I apply the message it contains. For those of you I have offended and might be carrying a festering infected wound in your heart that is a result a sliver I might have given you years ago, I apologize from the deepest part of my soul. I hope you can forgive me. And I hope you can allow yourself to heal, receive that peace back into your life and everything else that you have been missing! I love you all! And once again I apologize that there was such a weird beginning to this story that I think has great morals.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Best 2 Year Sabbatical Ever!

I was called of God to serve in the Orlando Florida Mission!
It was amazing! Starting at the MTC was hard, I wanted to get out there and start preaching! Finally I was let loose out of the MTC a little more than 2.5 weeks after I got in that place. My first mission field was the plane. I bought a missionary copy of the Book of Mormon(greatest missionary tool ever) and had it in hand waiting for my first opportunity to share the gospel. When I got on the plane to Florida I sat by this guy named Bob. Bob was a very interesting character from the looks of him, but I had him just where I wanted him, sitting down trapped sitting right next to me and my friend El Libro De Mormon. Needless to say I taught Bob till I was blue in the face on that plane and placed my first Book of Mormon. I was so excited about teaching Bob and Baptizing everyone in Florida I just looked past the fact that Bob would go in and out of consciousness when I was teaching him because he had a little too much to drink. I just wanted to preach the Gospel and BAPTIZE!.. You get the picture? And Preach the Gospel and Baptize I did, for two years and loved it!
Starting out in Daytona I went wild, my trainer Elder Sorenson would let me contact people in the park, I went hog wild train to preach and Baptize all the homeless people in the city, I soon found out there was a lot of them, and got to know a lot of them by name. But.. come to find out my preaching to the homeless came in handy as we found a less active... after teaching him the whole first lesson, he told me he was a member. And my companion made the connection of who he was. Crazy stuff! But my homeless preaching days were only the beginning!
Next I went to Kissimee, and found tons of Success as Elder Anderson and I caught that area on fire. We would bike and Knock all day long.. just how I liked it, good hard work! I also got to train a brand new elder in that area, Elder Stewart(my only son.) In that area alone I was able to see over 10 Baptisms! It was the best!

The Mission Kept Getting Better as we worked harder, knocked more doors, and increased our faith in the Lord! Baptisms begat more baptisms!

I began to learn some important lessons in my life.

1. Obedience- I saw a lot of missionaries who were not as happy as I seemed to be, I realized that submitting your will to the Lord not only brings you temporal blessing but the lord blesses you and imparts his joy with you, and you become one with him as you enjoy seeing his children except the gospel.

2. Patience- Every missionary has tough companions, I am not going to lie I had a few! I learned to be patient with them, where they were at in their growth, and learn how to be still and follow the spirit and let the spirit guide me and my actions in how to deal with each individual companion and situation.

3.Faith- Faith Precedes the Miracle... When I believed with all my heart and acted on it, I was able to see mountains moved before my eyes, the sick healed, and covenants that opened the door of Salvation opened.

4.Work- This is the underlying lesson to it all, WORK! The Harder I Worked the greater the harvest the Lord blessed me with! It is as easy as that!

5.Fun!-Missions are a Blast!

I served in many different capacities on my mission and loved them all! I love every companion I ever had, even when I wanted to pull my hair out because of them! I love every person I met! I loved the mission!

I served for 25 months! I served a month Extension with Elder Aaron Fielding Dunn. We drove a 15 passenger van, yes we even had to have "special van training certified" to drive it. Crazy eh? WE STROLLED AROUND IN THAT VAN FOR DAYZ! It was the best. Our extension consisted of driving, training, knocking, teaching, inviting people to be baptized, knocking, teaching, inviting people to be baptized, sleeping on the ground, and eating Little Caesar's Pizza. Setting records in every area we went to opened my eyes to one thing, every area is prepared by the lord, he really has prepared his vineyard. There is no such thing as a "dead area" only "dead Servants." Wherever the servants of the Lord work hard, he blesses them abundantly with baptisms. There are Elect people everywhere, so help them feel the spirit and invite them to be BAPTIZED! I know there are people everywhere who are ready for this step! It is amazing!
The mission changed my life! I will go on few more before I die! I know Christ Lives! He is the Only Begotten Son of the Father! By Him the worlds are and were created and the inhabitants thereof! There REALLY is NO other way where by man can be saved, except through the merits, Mercy, and grace of the Messiah, the Lord Omnipotent. Christ Restored his Church on the earth today! Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet! HE did see God and Jesus Christ! All the laws and ordinances of the gospel were restored with the corresponding powers of the priesthood to officiate them! The Book of Mormon Is the word of God, also being the convincing evidence to both Jew and Gentile that the above stated are true. How do I know these things? I know because I have seen, I have felt, and the Spirit itself beareth witness with my spirit that these things are True, and this is how the REALLY are!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Honest Truth (Teenage Years...)

Disclaimer: (The following information is personal and is a sensitive subject.)

Once again it might be hard to believe this now, but I wasn't as good then as I am now. I will explain in the following report. Before I continue writing this section of my Blog, I want to let you know that this section is going to tell you the honest truth about my life. I will unfold to you parts of my life that most people don't know about me because I do not talk about it much because it is not who I am anymore. the things that I will talk about in here are true, But coming to a knowledge of Jesus Christ as my personal Redeemer has made me put things aside. "When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things." (1 Corinthians 13:11)

I have always been a restless soul. What I mean by this is I am a thrill seeker, always on the move and looking for the next exciting thing in life. This being said I have tended in my early years to gravitate towards the more... well lets just say the kids who are risk takers. This is how it was when I was a freshmen at Deer Valley High School in Antioch California. I want to clarify... I never had bad intentions to begin with, I just liked living life more on the edge.

The day soon came that My family and I, being my parents, my sister and I, moved to Utah. First let me tell you, I love Utah! It is a beautiful place... Little creepy at first when you realize everyone is white but you adjust quickly. Though Utah's geographic regions being as beautiful as they are... it seemed to me it was not the easiest for a new comer like me and my sister Caitlyn to fit in to the "good" social crowd... nor did I really want to associate myself with people I thought to be stuck up, proud, and self righteous (I wish now I would have tried harder to be friends with those people). In the Alpine/Highland area, which is the Lone Peak High School boundaries it is as Mormon as one can think. The Youth, overgeneralizing of course, seemed to me at that point to not welcome people who were different, did not get as good as grades as they did, not of the same social economic background, or maybe even not as perfect as them. But of course there is a flip-side... there are the Kids who are very excepting of others, who unfortunately tended to be the Kids who were up to NO GOOD, go figure right?

Without going into much detail, I became one of THEM, them being the kids who were more excepting, more loose in their personal values. It seemed fine at first. I was having fun, an occasional sneak out here and there, but still never at this point doing anything really wrong... But soon my very life slipped through my fingers. I became no longer responsive to parental council, or prophetic council either, and soon slipped into substance abuse. It is then that I started fading away from the church and loosing my vital relationship with God.

I am very blessed to have a lot of people who love and care deeply for me, among the most my Mom and my Dad. My parents prayed earnestly to the only source that could give them comfort and could possibly help me, God. I know God answered the prayers of many people when he intervened in my life. My past mistakes finally had caught up to me and God was teaching me a lesson of necessity on how to take responsibility for my actions. The consequences were grave and difficult, and the road tough but it was well worth it in the end. I began to get my life right with the State, the Church, My Family, and most Importantly the Lord my God. The road being tough, I felt the strength of the lord many times lift me above what I was to a a higher plane of reality. I was becoming more like the man my Father in Heaven had foreordained me to become. during this long road the Lord aided me with angels both earthly and heavenly. The earthly angels that strengthened me were my parents, a dear friend Brett Christensen, a girlfriend Aubree Worton, and wise man named Doug Nielsen. These individuals did not know what effect they were having, but I now know what they were sent to do, answer prayers, and bring me back to my Father in Heaven. Through my teenage experience I made a lot of mistakes, I felt a lot of pain, but through it all I was able to learn great lessons and soon felt the greatest joy known to man that can only come through the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, a Gift that was given me through his atoning sacrifice! I love the Lord, And I testify he is KING, SAVIOR, REDEEMER and the SON OF GOD! This teenage experience, my conversion if you will led to the next adventures in my life!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Childhood Of Mischief

As a young man I grew in stature, not always spiritually but mostly mischievously. My mind was often caught up to new adventures or big ideas. It seemed trouble followed me throughout my younger years, and now looking back on it has trailed into my adult life ever so often. The purpose of this Post is to educate an individual on the troublesome events of my life.(Disclaimer: Warning these stories might not be completely true, they are going strictly off my memory, which is known to exaggerate, and not to be accurate since brain surgery, but enjoy!"

Event #1: BAT in Sisters Head
This story somewhat has something to do with the great sport of baseball..(You will see a theme here shortly.) One day I was happy about having my own Baseball BAT i went down the street to hang out with all my friends. While sitting outside my friends house I was practicing swinging my baseball bat! Remember i was a chubby little kid, hence a big hitter. (Kiddding about the big hitter part.) While I was thus practicing my baseball swing my sister came over the area where I was swing my bat. I warned her to move or she was going to get nailed by y baseball bat.. And of course little sisters never listen so within the next couple swings she walked behind me when i was singing and off came her head! Well not really but there formed an unusually large goose-egg on her head. Of course what happened next? What all little sisters do best, my little sister cait went home crying to mom and of course made it sound intentional that i just almost Batted her head off with my bat. Everyone knows what came next.. Yup i am in trouble.. my Bat is taken away and I am grounded. How exciting right? (Cait I Love you.. but note to self, i am wrecless with a BAt so when I say move, I mean MOVE sista! P.S, sorry about that HUGE goose-egg!)

Event #2: My First Broken Window (... no worries mom and dad, many more to come!)
I was never very good at baseball, which is apparent from the following story. My older Brother Tyler was a good Baseball player back in the day and my dad coached his teams.. so when i became of age my dad took me down to the city peanut league sign-ups. How exciting right? I played on a team called "the Sharks" what a name right? Well to make a long story short.. one day I was out in the hard trying to magnify my new hobby and was throwing the ball around the yard.. Before I know it the ball had left my hand and went straight threw the front left window of our house on Rock Ct. My mind was struck with horror, the only word that went through my head was, "BUSTED". So i ran in side the house yelling "I am BUSTED! I am BUSTED!" And so I was, but it was an honest simple mistake this time...

Event #3: "Great BALLZ of Fire!"
I definately have My older brother Tyler and his friends to blame for this epic event. I Became a pyro at a young age thanks to Tyler. One day Tyler and his buddy came up with an absolutely brilliant idea. The idea was this, take tennis balls, cut a slit in them and fill them with gas. Once this step was complete dowse a paper wick in gas and shove it in the slit. Now this harmful ball of disaster is ready to ride all you need is to light it up. (This invention is cool because when you kick this ball of fire down the street it leaves streaks off fire on the blacktop like back to the future!) So my brother, and his friend and I head down to a construction area behind our house and light this little trick on fire. Of course, being the genius young man we are, and following the goodly example of my older brother, played kick ball with this ball of fire. All went well tell my brother's buddy kicked the flaming ball in the air and it lands on the bear skin of my leg, melting away my pasty white flesh. This is a bad ending to a good story! I love you Tyler thanks for teaching me to play with fire.

If you remember, I became a pyro thanks to m older brother Tyler.. He was 18 at the time and could by me cool knives, and better yet cool lighters, not just any lighters but butane torches! Got to love it! ONe morning I woke up, LAying in bed before school grabbed the lighter off my shelf while laying in bed. Enjoying watching my cool lighter, which would light up like a colorful strobe light, I flicked my new torch lighter on and off. IF you dont know much about a butane torch it is a blue flame, but the tip of the flame you cannot see, it is invisible if you would like it explained as such. So thinking nothing of my morning pyro activities "OOooing and Awwing" over the lights and the flames, I got up out of bed and looked out my window and was enjoying my beautiful view of the delta when I smelt smoke. I whipped my head around and saw my bunk bed was on fire.. in panic I threw myself on the flames and burned my chest, but I did smother the flames out. At this time I ran in a hurry to my sister room grabbed perfume, sprayed it all over my room, and lit incense. Next step was to hide the damage.. Being that the whole side of the sheets and bed was burned, I flipped the mattress so the burn side was not visible. TO say non the less. I lit my room on fire and no one found out till years later when we moved to Utah and the saw the charred mattress side, and asked what happened! Good times! I love you mom and Dad, you put up with a lot from me.

I hope you all enjoyed these four childhood memories of my mischief!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Parents: 2 of One Kind(Thanks Caitlyn Renshaw for authoring this phrase)

In every youngin's life is a deep and very desperate need for overseers. So God blesses us with sweet, tender and yet sometime nagging parents. Below is a visual of the overseers I was so blessed to have assigned to me.

My mother, Jeralee, on the left is a typical RED personality, which means she is a force to reckon with. She is BOLD, and has always been one to lead and take charge. Mom also seems to know everything about anything and has an incredible eye for design and crafts. My father lance on the right side of me is a humble giant. Never in my life have I ever seen him take recognition for any of the many great accomplishments in which he has achieved in this life. He is an example to me of one who is hardworking and diligent in all his responsibilities. He, opposite to my mother is more reserved in group settings, yet always can lighten up a room with his humor! Together they compliment each other and make the perfect companionship of overseers for crazy, wreckless, over-energentic children like my siblings and I.
I had a greater need then every other child in the world for these overseers. You might be wondering why would such a great kid as Devon Renshaw have a great need for overeers, I mean he is such a stud right? I am overwhelmed with all of your opinions of me but believe it or not I have not always been so studly. From the beginning of my days I have needed overseers from when I got lost at Santa Cruz, to breaking windows, to lighting my room on fire, and many more risky situations I seem to always get myself into. You will hear many more crazy stories elaborated later on in this blog and also more on my feelings for these stellar overseers I have been given in this life, whom I love so dearly. May I conclude that no child could ever want or ask for greater overseers in this life then my mom and dad.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


To All,
This BLOG is a personal attempt on my behalf to make up a lifetime of missed journal writing and to make a collaborated record of my life experiences and fond memories! My hope is that while in the process of creating and maintaining this BLOG I will be able to stretch my mind and bring to the surface hidden or clouded memories which will not only enhance the way I live my life but will hopefully give my loved ones insights to what experiences were like through my eyes, why I am the person I am today, as well as provide some comical humor to those who indulge in following this BLOG, as my life can be quite ridiculous at times, so stay tuned!